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Project Review – Royal Green (Updated 21.09.2022)

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

New Launch project - Royal Green just obtained its TOP.

Units are selling fast, to date 21/09/2022, the balance of 45 units. 50 units sold since 24/04/2022. ( T.O.P.), to know what is the balance unit available and actual site viewing, you can contact me at 94896105 or WhatsApp me

Now let me share the review of this beautiful freehold development - Royal Green

Royalgreen Condominium Review Rating: 88

Development : 8/10

Transportation Link : 9/10

Surrounding Amenities : 9/10

Prices : 9/10

Future Development : 9/10

Royal Green condominium is a new launch development in the prime district 10 of Singapore. Redevelopment on the site of the formal Royal Ville Condominium. This is a freehold, low-rise development, 8 blocks of 5-storey Residential Flats. 256 units on a land size of 174,178 Sqft (16,181.5 SqM), comprises of 2-bedrooms, 3-bedroom and 4-bedrooms units.

Royal Green just obtained T.O.P ( April 2022)

Royal Green Site Layout

Royal Green is a low-rise development, which is rare in today's markets. With more than 50 facilities indulge in a natural greenery environment. Allow the residents to have a feeling of relaxation and peace when they reach home.

Royal Green is surrounded by the private landed house along the Bukit Timah road and all units enjoy a very specific view of their own. 58% of the units have pool or landscape facing, 21% of the units are facing the 2 storeys landed house, and most of the units will have a quiet environment.

The distance between each block is not too close, a good breathing space. Especially the blocks next to Bukit Timah Road, 30M from the centre of the road and in between there are some mature trees along the covered walkway that can filter the noise level from the road.

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The Facilities In Royalgreen

Royal Green has more than 50 communal facilities with development. If you love nature and the garden, Royalgreen most probably will be a good choice for you to have built your dream home.

Starting from the arrival hall, a natural beautiful painting of the forest welcomes you back home.

The Forest Grove Courtyard, the natural forest landscape allows you to walk slowly, enjoying the natural fresh air and rejuvenating your body after a hard day's work.

Most condominium developments do not cater for enough places for people who have pets to utilise. Royal Green, the Central Green is a huge green lawn that allows all residents to come together for activities and also gives space for their pets to move around, providing a bonding area for the residents in Royal Green.

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1 Arrival hall 2 Forest Grove Courtyard 3 Central Green 4 Play Deck 5 Children’s Playground 6 BBQ Pavilion 7 Poolside BBQ Pavilion 8 Spa Pool 9 Pool Deck 10 50m Lap Pool 11 Canopy Deck 12 Children’s pool 13 Clubhouse

The roof facilities are another area that attracts me, the developer well makes use of every space in the development, making sure that every corner is fully utilised.

A rare tennis court built in the air, limited development has this thought. Link bridge to every block, giving you the convenience to move around the facilities on the rooftop.

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Royal Green Units Layout

Royal Green is catered more for family, the developer started with 2-bedroom units which is very rare now in the markets. And the largest unit is a 4-bedroom unit. The ground floor and the 5th-floor unit will have a ceiling height of 3.2M while the typical unit from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor will have a ceiling height of 2.85M.

Fitting And Fixtures In Royalgreen

One of the caring moves by the developer is creating a Storage Organizer for every unit in Royal Green. This Storage Organizer gives you ample space for you to organise your things neatly stored in it.

High-Quality Sanitary Wares, Fitting And Accessories are provided to every unit.

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Branded Kitchen appliance is also the basic provision.

Last of all, never forget the Smart Home Features that give you the convenience of the technology

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Royal Green Units Type

A total of 256 units in Royal Green, from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom layouts. All the layout of the units is well designed and every space in the unit is fully utilized.

Royal Green 2 Bedroom

There are various sizes of the 2-bedroom unit in Royal Green, most units come with an open kitchen.

2 bedroom – this unit type comes with 2 rooms and 1 bath designs. Unit sizes are 710sqft and 721 sqft.

2-bedroom Premium – this unit type comes with 2 bedroom and 2 baths, Unit sizes is 667sqft and 721sqft

2-bedroom + Study – This unit type has 2 bedrooms and a Study room, come with 2 bathroom 829sqft and 818sqft

The floor plan below is the show flat unit, 2-bedroom + Study, 829 sqft. This unit is located on the ground floor with a ceiling height of 3.2M, a common room capable of a queen sizes bed and king size bed for the master room. This unit type will have an enclosed kitchen. Come with a reasonable balcony.

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3 bedroom in Royal Green

For 3-bedroom types, you also have many choices for you to choose from.

3-bedroom – this unit types come in 2 sizes, 926sqft and 990 sqft. 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, good size balcony. All common rooms can be put in a Queen size bed. Enclose kitchen. Standard living and dining area.

3-bedroom + Study – there are also 2 sizes for you to decide, 1076sqft or 1066sqft.

The floor plan below is the show flat unit, 3-bedroom + Study 1066sqft. The Living and dining area is much more spacious than the 3-bedroom unit. In this unit, there is a yard area. There are 3 bedrooms in this unit, a common room capable of placing a Queen sizes bed, 2 baths and small toilets in the yard area. The study room is spacious.

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4 Bedroom in Royal Green.

4-bedroom only have 2 layouts.

4-bedroom+ study - Only 4 units of this type and all are ground floor units. Units size is 1259sqft. For people who like ground floor units, this will be your choice.

4-bedroom Premium – This unit type is most suitable for families with large family members. Unit size is 1432sqft and 1475sqft. The landscape balcony extended out from the living and dining area gives you luxuriously spacious living space.

It comes with a dry and wet kitchen, 4 bedrooms consisting of a Junior Master bedroom with attach bath, Master Bedroom and 2 common bedrooms. A yard area with a utility room (can use as a maid room if necessary)

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Royal Green – My Choice Stacks

2-bedroom – Stack 41, 50,51 and 58, these few stacks have the same characteristics, facing the 2 storeys landed houses, quiet and more privacy. Partial afternoon sun brightens up the unit.

Stack 34 will be good for people who like pool views. It also has a slight afternoon sun coming into the unit. These few stacks are the 2-bedroom + Study unit and are most suitable for young couples just married or a small family with 1 kid.

For those who are looking for investment in a 2 bedroom, I will recommend stacks 47,55,05 and 11. These are the smaller sizes unit, all are having either the internal visage view or the pool view, quiet facing. Low entry price.

3-bedroom – stack 36 is the smaller size unit in the development, for people with constrained budgets, this unit will be just nice for you. This unit is at the corner of the development, quiet and has a view of the landed houses.

For those family who needs a study room, stack 40 and 45 will be a good choice. This 2 unit is directly facing the unblock green lawn, no afternoon sun, perfectly suitable for a family of 4.

4-bedroom – the 4 Bedroom type is the best position in the development. Either stack is as good. Stack 27,28 and 30 are the premium unit, spacious in the layout, with luxury finishing, facing the visage greenery, especially stack 30, sitting beside the Forest Grove Courtyard.

Location Of Royal Green

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Royal Green is located in the CCR, Prime District 10. It is situated between the exclusive private enclave and yet surrounded by abundant amenities.

Types Of Amenities Within Royal Green

Primary Schools near Royal Green

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There are quite many elite primary schools from 1km to 2 km from the Royal Green. For parents who are preparing to look for good elite primary schools for their children, Royal Green will be a good choice for you.

Transportation Within Royal Green

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Royal Green is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Sixth Avenue MRT Station is within 5 minutes walking distance, from there the Singapore Botanic Garden, Marina Bay Financial Centre, and the Newton MRT interchange are just a train ride away. By car, Orchard Road and the PIE are also readily reachable.

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Shopping And Dining Area within Royal Green

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Bukit Timah is an established neighbourhood that is well-loved for its chic and yet family vibe. The prime district is surrounded by good food and amenities for daily needs. In fact, Royalgreen is just a stone’s throw from the adjoining Sixth Avenue, where you can conveniently indulge in an array of local delights and popular international cuisine.

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Royal Green Pricing

Royal Green is launched at an average price of S$2,737psf. Comparable to other new launches in District 10, Royal Green is one of the cheapest S$psf for freehold development.

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Future Changes in Bukit Timah

Ura Master plan 2019 for Bukit Timah

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The URA master plan 2019, indicate that Bukit Timah long established as one of Singapore’s premier and most prestigious residential enclave will soon undergo a green transformation with the planned Built Timah-Rochor Green corridor.

This will include a 1.4 Km elevated linear park just at the doorstep of Royal Green. It's run above the Bukit Canal and stretches from Rifle Range Road to Sixth Avenue.

Since Bukit Timah is a mature estate, not much land for development (most of the freehold land parcels are from collective sales), less supply of new development in future, this will offered more value appreciation to Royal Green, especially a freehold development, you are “free to hold”

To Summarised

Given all the facts in these articles, I rate Royalgreen 88/100.

Royal Green is a freehold development in prime district 10, located in an exclusive private residential enclave. Low density, well-designed unit layout with full condominium facilities.

Well establishes transportation linkage, the Sixth Avenue MRT station is just 5 minutes walking distance. For car owners, you can reach orchard road within 10 minutes drive.

Good Elite primary schools within a 1-2 km radius, surrounded by abundant amenities, shopping mall and restaurants. Low entry price.

Urged to know more about Royal Green? Give me a call or WhatsApp me at 94896105.

If you think that Royal Green is not to your expectation, please allow me to show you other development in this area for you to compare. Call me on 94896105.

If you have doubts, do allow me to have a free 30 minutes online consultation with you.

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