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Property Reviews - Jadescape.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Jadescape Review Rating: 88

Development : 8/10

Transportation Link : 9/10

Surrounding Amenitie. : 9/10

Prices : 9/10

Future Development : 9/10

Jadescape property review
Should you consider Jadescape as your dream home?

As a Property Investment Planner, my friends will always come to me for advice on their investment in properties.

The most common question is “Which is the best new launch residential property to invest in?

Well, I cannot guarantee that you will make money in your investment, but I have a system to access which development is good for investment.

Today, I am here to share a new residential development that I fell in love with it, “Jadescape 顺福轩 “

Location Of Jadescape 顺福轩

Jadescape, one of the cheapest S$psf in RCR

Jadescape is a 99-leasehold residential development located at Shunfu road. Qingjian Realty acquired the site via an en-bloc sale in mid-2016 for the price of S$638 million. Jadescape is built on the site of former Shunfu Ville, a privatised HUDC development.

Jadescape is developed on huge land sizes of 396,114.06 square feet (36,987.70 square metres), housing 7 blocks of a residential block with a total of 1206 residential units comprise of 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. The development also comes with a block of 6 commercial units.

Jadescape location map

For Jadescape, the developer consulted the famous Fengshui Master, Master Joey Yap, to design the best layout of the Fengshui for development. The architecture and landscaping of the whole development are based on the Fengshui concept by Master Joey Yap, to bring health and prosperity to the owners of Jadescape.

The 4 Key Assessment Points Of Jadescape Fengshui

  1. The environmental factor takes into account external natural landforms.

  2. The building factor looks into the architecture of Jadescape itself.

  3. The people factor that looks at every occupant as a unique differentiator

  4. The time factor ensures the residents of Jadescape enjoy good Fengshui right now.

Jadescape, Fengshui by Joey Yap
Jadescape Fengshui

In Jadescape, the blocks are well placed in stagger and the distance between each block is well managed. All blocks are facing north-south directions, this gives all the units with good flows of natural ventilation and lighting.

I love the facilities in Jadescape, there are close to 100 facilities in the development. 2 swimming pools, and a 50M lap pool between block 6 and block 8 will satisfy people that want to have proper training without any disturbance. As for the other pools, if more for activities, it also has a pool length of 50M, and the children's pool is just beside it.

4 small function halls can cater for 30 persons and yet can be combined to cater for a gathering of more than 30 if you need to, not many condominiums have that flexibility. Condominiums with 2 gyms and 2 sunken tennis courts are facilities that are rare in the market.

The landscape is well-spread and draws in the natural flow of the winds and lighting. with the numerous species of green plant within the estate, it provides a fresh natural feel. All units are allocated to 1 car park lot each in the 2 basement car park. 6 commercial shops, most probably there will be a mini-mart operating in the condo which will bring convenience to the residents.

best investment property in RCR
Jadecape site plan

The layout of the individual unit impresses me. The average common room in the development is 10 square metres, which allows you to place a queen sizes bed and yet have room to move around. Don't forget the 2.95M ceiling heights which are above the average of a lot of new launch development.

The 2.95-metre wardrobes in the rooms are something I would like to highlight. Space management to create more storage space for you. Jadescape has a wide range of choice unit for you to choose from. Units start from a 1 bedroom 527sqft to a 5 bedroom 2099sqft luxury suite unit.

All unit types are well proportioned with good sizes living and dining area and the sizes of the rooms are amazing, somethings which I would like to highlight again, the common rooms is average 10 square metres. Simply to say, is very comfortable to stay.

Most development, the unit layout is quite similar, In Jadescape, I would like to touch on 2 types which are relatively rare in most development.

The 1 bedroom, 527 sqft unit, comes with an open concept kitchen, living and dining area is able to house a gathering for more than 20 people comfortably and you still have a balcony. The toilet is designed wit 2 access, allow your guest to enter from the common area and yet you can access it during your normal day from the room as an attached bathroom.

The master room is spacious enough for you to place a king-size bed with 2 side table and plenty of room for you to move around. With the 2.95-metre ceiling height, you will never feel clamp in the room.

Jadescape 1 bddroom 527 sqft unit floorplan
Jadescape 1 bddroom 527 sqft unit

A 5 bedroom with a size of 2099 sqft, you rarely find in new development nowadays. Most 5 bedroom is not bigger than 1800 sqft. this 5-bedroom suite unit, I personally classify it as the luxury unit in this development.

This 5 bedroom unit might suitable for people with a big family or multi-generation family. Master room, Junior suite with attached bathroom and 3 common rooms. A huge landscape orientation living hall (6M width) with a dry kitchen fully equips with appliances and a huge size wet kitchen with a maid room. A built-in in-line air-con system in the living hall and master give a clean and neat appearance to the unit. I can say that you hardly can find any unit types with these sizes in the RCR area in new launches.

Jadescape 5 Bedrooms 2099 sqft floorplan
Jadecsape 5 Bedrooms 2099 sqft

Smart home and smart living

Jadescape has its own developed apps that will be given to all owners for free. You are not only able to use the apps to control your home and it is also able to connect to the community. Jadescape owners are living in a smart community with everything on their handphones or tablet.

The Hassle-free Visitor function does attract me, just imagine if your in-law visits you without informing you and happen you are not home, with this hassle-free visitor function, you can allow them to enter your home comfortability just by simply sending them a one-time password. You do not need to rush back home.

Jadescape - Smart Home Features
Jadescape - Smart Home Features

My Choice Stacks In Jadescape

All 7 residential blocks in Jadescape are North-South orientated. Generally, some units will have afternoon sun and road noise.

  1. 1 bedroom: Stack 44 and 38. thisn2 stack will not have afternoon sun in the unit. stack 38 will have a beautiful pool view.

  2. 2 bedroom: most of the 2-bedroom units are well placed. if you like pool view, I will recommend stacks 19,26,31,30. This pool will be quieter than the skyline pool. If pool view is not what you are interested in, then stacks 35 and 41 will be good for you, quiet and face the private landed enclave.

  3. 3 bedrooms: stack 55, quiet, no afternoon sun. balcony looking into the private landed estate.

  4. 4 bedrooms: stack 42, nice pool and landed view for a compact 4 bedder. Quiet facing with no afternoon sun. Stack 39 for a premium unit with quiet facing and great pool view in the living hall and a nice landed view in the rooms but a little setback on the afternoon sun on the wall.

  5. 5 bedrooms: both stack 46 and 40 are the same, overlooking the landed estate with a quiet environment. The sidewall will encounter some afternoon sun.

Locations of Jadescape

We all understand that, when you looking for a dream home, the development location, transportation accessibility, schools and amenities are crucial. That is why I like Jadescape, It fulfilled all these elements.

Type Of Amenities Within Jadescape

Schools Nearby Jadescape

There are quite a number of elite primary schools with 1km to 2 km from Jadescape. This will appear to parents who are preparing to look for good schools nearby to Jadescape

The schools within 1-2km from Jadescape
The primary schools within 1-2km from Jadescape

For other higher institutes and schools, Raffles Institute, Raffles Junior Colledge, Raffles Girls School, Marymount convent, and Catholic High are all within 1km to 2km from Jadescape. The Australia International Schools is also about 5 minutes' drive from the development.

Transportation Within Jadescape

Transportation is amazing. The Marymount MRT station is just 3 minutes' walking distance from Jadescape, is only one station to Bishan MRT station, has easy access to Ang Mo Kio Bus Terminal and is only 6 bus stop away (7 mins journey).

The development is easily accessible via 4 MRT Lines ( Circle Lines, North-South Line, Thomson East Coast Line and Cross Island Line (Future )), for people who drive, CTE is just 5 minute's driving distance away.

4 MRT line within Jadescape
4 MRT line with Jadescape

Shopping Area & Dining Area Nearby Jadescape

Shunfu markets and hawker centre is just opposite the development. Besides the markets is where Sim Ming plaza is located.

Shunfu Market just beside Jadescape
Shunfu Market

Jadescape is just 7 minutes from upper Thomson road, you can find lots of shops and restaurants along the shophouses. Thomson Plaza is located along upper Thomson road, if you drive, it takes you only less than 5 minutes to reach there.

Jadescape near to Thomson Plaza
Thomson Plaza

Ang Mo Kio hubs are 7 minutes bus journey, so driving will be less than 5 minutes.

Bishan 8 shopping mall is just 1 MRT station away. Not enough, Toa Payoh centre is 5 minutes driving distance.

Another amenities which I like about Jadescape is, the development is so close to nature, the MacRitchie Reservoir, for people who like to immerse in nature, seriously you should consider having your dream home in Jadescape. 7 minutes walking distance to MacRitchie Reservoir, you can have a daily jogging session along the nature path or a morning walk at the weekend with your family and also can join in some of the water activities like canoeing in MacRitchie Reservoir.

Jadescape is only 5 minutes to MacRitchie Reservoir
Water activity at MacRitchie Reservoir

Future Development Around Jadescape

Looking into the investment perspective, there are a few areas in which we can see that the development will have a probability of value appreciation.

Low Inventory In District 20 For New Launches.

Over the last 7 years, only 7 new launches happen in District 20, all sold out. To date, Jadescape in records has already sold more than 72% of its inventory. There is not much land for new development, unless collective sales from old development, but yet it will not take place immediately.

Jadescape , Low inventory in District 20 for new launches
Low inventory in District 20 for new launches

Collective Sales (En-bloc) Within The Area Of Jadescape

Due to the scarcity of land for new development in this area, collective sales could be the faster way developers can acquire land for new development. There are a few old developments that fall into this category, Thomson View, The Lakeview and Braddell View. If this happens, what will you think the price will be?

Jadescape surrounded by Potential Enbloc development in district 20
Potential Enbloc development in district 20

Change In Master Plan That Will Affect Jadescape Future Prices

Jadesacpe fall with the new master planning of Bishan Estate. Under the Master planning 2019, Bishan will be developed into a sub-regional centre and will be transformed into an attractive and easily accessible employment node.

Community and Facilities will be integrated within upcoming commercial developments to better serve nearby residents.

Jadescape in the fast growing Bishan new master plan
Bishan - New master planning 2019

The master plan has made some changes to the growth of this area.

Master plan that affects Jadescape
Changes in the master plan 2019

3 new plots of residential land have been allocated as seen in the chart, and also the amendment of the plot ratio from 2.8 to 3.5. This already marks the growth of Jadescape.

The North-South Corridor - a 21.5km expressway that will connect towns in the northern region to the city - is expected to be completed around 2026. This will also make the possibility of increasing the value of the development due to convenience.

The Demand For The Rental Units Increases.

With the new master plan in place, as a sub-regional centre, jobs will be created, demand for rented unit increase, tenant pool is secured.

Last, of all, Jadescape pricing could be one of the lowest prices now in the RCR areas. Selling at an average of S$1700psf, starting from S$1502psf.

Compared to the new launches in RCR, Jadescape is one of the lowest average transaction S$psf in the region.

RCR transaction price comparison
Jadescape RCR transaction price comparison

To Summarise

Jadescape has a total of 1206 units on a good land size of 398,114 sq ft which is a very comfortable living estate. The estate is spacious enough for the residents. 100 over facilities pamper the residents with a choice. 6 commercial shops ready to serve the residents for their daily needs.

Jadescape is a new launch project that I would like to recommend to people that are looking to buy as a dream home or for investment. The project itself already has various good points to look at.

It is statistically located, next to the fast-growing Bishan Estate, and yet so close to nature. With Bishan as a sub-regional centre, it will have the potential for value appreciation and also good for investment.

If you want to know more about Jadescape, I will be glad to share with you more. On the other hand, if you need some other advice on other new launches, you can always connect with me at 94896105.

If you find these articles useful for one of your friends, please share and comments on them.

Project virtual for Jadescape
Call me for a Virtual Tour

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