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Property Reviews - Jadescape.

Updated: Mar 10

Jadescape Review Rating: 88

Development : 8/10

Transportation Link : 9/10

Surrounding Amenitie. : 9/10

Prices : 9/10

Future Development : 9/10

Jadescape property review
Should you consider Jadescape as your dream home?

As a Property Investment Planner, my friends will always come to me for advice on their investment in properties.

The most common question is “Which is the best new launch residential property to invest in?

Well, I cannot guarantee that you will make money in your investment, but I have a system to access which development is good for investment.

Today, I am here to share a new residential development that I fell in love with it, “Jadescape 顺福轩 “

Location Of Jadescape 顺福轩

Jadescape, one of the cheapest S$psf in RCR

Jadescape is a 99-leasehold residential development located at Shunfu road. Qingjian Realty acquired the site via an en-bloc sale in mid-2016 for the price of S$638 million. Jadescape is built on the site of former Shunfu Ville, a privatised HUDC development.

Jadescape is developed on huge land sizes of 396,114.06 square feet (36,987.70 square metres), housing 7 blocks of a residential block with a total of 1206 residential units comprise of 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. The development also comes with a block of 6 commercial units.

Jadescape location map

For Jadescape, the developer consulted the famous Fengshui Master, Master Joey Yap, to design the best layout of the Fengshui for development. The architecture and landscaping of the whole development are based on the Fengshui concept by Master Joey Yap, to bring health and prosperity to the owners of Jadescape.

The 4 Key Assessment Points Of Jadescape Fengshui

  1. The environmental factor takes into account external natural landforms.

  2. The building factor looks into the architecture of Jadescape itself.

  3. The people factor that looks at every occupant as a unique differentiator

  4. The time factor ensures the residents of Jadescape enjoy good Fengshui right now.