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About Real Estate Guy
Peter Tan

Real Estate Guy - Peter Tan C G

Property Wealth Planner

Coach . Mentor . Trainer to RES

Peter Tan Choon Guan, The Real Estate Guy. 
Currently is an Associate District Director with Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

Navis Living Group.​

Peter started his Real Estate Career in 1995 as a part-timer while running his own business, he started off only providing services to friends and close business associates in their needs in Real Estate.

Getting in-depth into the Real Estate business, Peter realises that a lot of people have the wrong mindset in Property investment and how to build wealth through property investment. 

To prove that his strategy is correct Peter starts to invest in property himself in 2008, with the right approach, he manage to grow his wealth by 100% of his investment.

Using this Property Wealth Planning strategy, he helps 300+ clients build their wealth in Property investment. 

Peter enjoys the challenges of the industry.

He believes that there is always a solution to every problem, deriving joy in actively supporting his clients to find the best solutions for their futures.


Actively in sports like Basketball, Moutain Climbing, hiking, and volunteering in Grassroot.

Peter has a massive sense of adventure and exploration that he brings to all areas of his life.


Peter Tan

Why Did Over 300+ Clients Choose Peter Tan - The Real Estate Guy?

Since 2008, Peter has been steadily supporting his customers in fulfilling their real estate dreams. I have done over 400 transactions and successfully assisted clients to find their dream homes and ideal investment properties.


I believe in being dynamic – as the market changes and technologies evolve, I learn, adapt and change to ensure our clients consistently get the best advice and services in the market.

My business is in the people business and people are my business.

Depending on your personality, preferences and requirements, I will be matched to best help you achieve your goals.

Working With Me

28 Years Experience In Real Estate - Serving Home Owners, Investors and Landlords, covering HDBs, Condominiums, Landed Properties, Commercial & Industrial properties

I push towards delivering the best fit for your budget and requirements. Finding you the best quality homes available in the market

Client-Centric Approach

I focus on giving you the best client experience and the best real estate strategy to achieve your goals

Conduct With Integrity

Professional and transparent. This is how I ensure my clients feel comfortable and safe, always.

Why Partner With Peter Tan?

Make An Appointment With Me Today!

I believe that everyone deserves a dream home. My goal is to empower my clients to plan and get the best home for themselves, their loved ones and the next generation.

Share with us your property journey and how I can further assist you.

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