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Why you should invest in Singapore Property Part 1.

In my many years in the real estate industry, when I approach people to invest in property,

Many people will say that they will invest in property if they have a million dollars or when they get rich.

How to get rich? What is the amount that is considered rich? I supposed the amount varies from person to person.

Investing is one of the ways to make money, and this is how you can grow your wealth.

What is investing?

1. Investing helps you grow your money so you can reach your financial goals

2. Investing is expected to provide better returns than bank deposits, but it also comes with risks

Why invest?

Do you think that a monthly fixed salary and savings are able to grow your wealth fast? Don't forget to factor in inflation, in reality, if you keep this amount of money in your savings account (or fixed Deposit which gives you higher interest), your savings and interest earned will depreciate yearly.

Why there are so many people putting their money into share markets, starting a business, etc…? Because they want to make money fast enough to overcome this.

Investing allows you to grow your wealth. It’s a way to grow your saving and for you to achieve your financial goal. Whatever the reasons, whether it's for your ego, your retirement, your holidays, your family, or your children’s educations fund, it’s always good to start earlier.

before you start any investments, you will need to make sure that you are equipped with the necessary information and knowledge before you begin. In general, investing will generate better returns than putting your money into a savings account of a bank. But be aware that, all investments will come with risks.

There is a possibility that you will lose some or sometimes even all the money you invested.

Likewise, real estate investment is one of the instruments that can help you to grow your wealth, and most probably it’s the lowest risk investment instrument because real estate is real and will not disappear!

Why invest in Real Estate?