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From Engineer To Real Estate - Property Wealth Planner.

Updated: Mar 10

Peter Tan, Property Wealth Planner
From Engineer to Real Estate - Property Wealth Planner

20 plus years in the Real Estate Industry since 1995. An engineering train person like me, I am amazed that I can be in this real estate industry for so long. But I never regret that I have chosen this trade as my Career. Let me share with you my storey.

Real Estate Agent
My first job - car mechanic

I took up a course in Automotive Engineering after my GCE "O" Level examination, an Industrial Technician Certificate conducted by The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in 1984, then I went for my National Service as a store personnel in the Navy.

I completed my National Services in 1986. After three months of job hunting, I finally got my first job as a car mechanic apprentice. Back then, having a monthly salary and a fixed overtime, my salary is only a gross of S$450.00

I always dreamt of having my own car mechanics workshop at that time, so I find ways and means to upgrade myself. Taking night courses related to my field, car inspection course, workshop management course, etc..,

2 years down the road, I realized that Car Mechanic is not a Career that is suitable for me. I quit the job and joined a corporate gift company as a salesperson. I am an outgoing person, like to meet people, talk to people, and need more interaction.

I am a class monitor and also head Prefect during my school days. I use to train and give instructions to all my school Prefects, which naturally made me a person that not easy to take instructions from others.

Due to the above reasons, I went back to assist my father in his business, he was running a goldsmith workshop. I share with his customers the type of designs that will be trendy and obtain orders from them, then bring them back to my workers to manufacture them.

I got married in 1993, and bought my first HDB BTO flat, back then I was 29 years old.

Due to the financial crisis, luxury items are not selling well, and my father's business is being affected and not doing well, so I have to find something else to do.

I started a delivery and courier services company, providing companies and individuals with the services. Only one man, the revenue was not enough to meet the month-end needs, so I have to find other sources of income, I tried MLM sales, but never made it because I could not agree to the MLM system, I feel like I am cheating people.

How Did I Start With My Real Estate Career?

RES course