From Engineer To Real Estate - Property Wealth Planner.

Peter Tan, Property Wealth Planner
From Engineer to Real Estate - Property Wealth Planner

20 over years in the Real Estate Industry since 1995. An engineering train person like me, I am amazed that I can be in this real estate industry for so long. But I never regret that I have chosen this trade as my Career. Let me shared with you my storey.

Real Estate Agent
My first job - car mechanic

I took up a course in Automotive Engineering, an Industrial Technician Certificate conducted by the The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in 1984, then after I went for my National Service as store personnel in Navy.

I completed my National Services in 1986. After 3 months of job hunting, finally got my first job as a car mechanic apprentice. Back then, having a monthly salary and a fixed over time, my salary is only gross S$450.00

I always dreamt of having my own car mechanics workshop, so I find ways and means to upgrade myself. Taking night courses related to my field, car inspection course, workshop management course etc..,

2 years down the road, I realized that, Car Mechanic is not a Career that suitable for me. I quit the job and joined a corporate gift company as a salesperson. I am an out going person, like to meet people, talking to people, need more interacting.

I am a class monitor and also a head prefect during my school days. I use to train and give instructions to all my school prefects, made me a person that not easy to take instructions from others.

Due to the above reasons, I went back to assist my father in his business, he was running a goldsmith workshop. I share with his customers the type of designs that will be trendy and obtained orders from them, then bring them back to my workers to manufacture it.

I got married in 1993, bought my first HDB BTO flat, back then I was 29 years old.

Due to the financial crisis, luxury items is not selling well, my father business being affected and not doing well, so I have to find something else to do.

I started a delivery and courier services company, but the revenue was not enough to meet the month-end needs. I have to find other sources of income, I tried MLM sales, never made it because I could not agree to the MLM system, I feel like I am cheating people.

How Did I Start With My Real Estate Career?

In March 1995, I saw this advertisement in The Strait Times.

Free 5 days training course and you can make at least S$3,000 monthly part-time.

Very Attractive right?

Since my newly started business was not doing well, I need search for more revenues to supports my family. This extra S$3,000 income will be excellent for me.

I was running my own business, my timing is flexible, so I decided to do it as a part-timer for the start.

I signed up for the course. The course taught me all the paper works that I needed to know in the real estate industry during this five days free course and 1 was assigned to a manager after completing the training.

My manager was always busy, he never had time for me, he was suppose to mentor and guide me but very disappointed , he did nothing , I am left alone sorting out things all by myself.

Was It Easy To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Back then in 1995, no training, no support from your upline was the norm.

How to start? I was lost.

Well, I am not a person that easy to give up, and I always believe

There is a will, there will be a way. Never Say Die!

I approached the admin to check how other agents are doing. I mirrored them.

I subscribed to the daily "For Sale By Owner" listings, my company will fax it to me. No internet services back then.

Handphone was a luxury, my only communication was by pager.

Cold calling
cold calling

I faced a lot of rejections and criticisms when I did my telemarketing. No training provided by the company and my manager, I didn't know how to talk to prospect!

I do not have any property sales background and I was not trained for it, but I am persevered. Finally, I managed to get one appointment ( the joy will never be able to relate ) a property owner wanted to sell her bungalow in Pierce Road, located in District 10, one of the luxurious residential area in Singapore.

Its was very embarrassing experiences for this meeting. My Manager never accompanies me to secure the listing and I just go there by myself not prepared.

And 2 lessons learned.

“Madam, why do you want to sell your property?”

This is the first question I asked the seller,

The first lesson I learned

I had to be more diplomatic in asking a question. I was too blunt, nobody would ask such a question especially to a landed property owner ( GCB owner some more)

I didn't g