How does the EHG benefit the first timer Buying HDB flat?

how does the Enhance Housing Grant benefit the first timer buying HDB flat
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In order to assist Singaporean to have to own a property, the Singapore government have introduced the HDB housing grant to assist Singaporean to own a HDB flat more affordable.

What is the HDB Housing Grant?

what is Hdb housing grant?

HDB housing grants are technically CPF housing grants.

This grant will be used to top up the fund in your CPF account for the purchase of the property.

When you sell your flat, you need to return the principal to CPF with interest.

CPF housing grant is a program by the Singapore government, its meant to help the low to mid-income, a first-time buyer, to afford a HDB flat.

The program has been revised accordingly to the needs and more grants are introduced over the years.

In this program, there is various type of housing grants provided to eligible Singaporean flat buyers.

Previously, eligible first-timer families who buy a subsidised flat from HDB can only enjoy the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and the Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG).

The CPF housing grants and the AHG will be available to those buying a resale flat.

Effective from 11 September 2019, HDB has updated the housing grants recently.

The Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG), is to replace the existing AHG and SHG.

To benefit more first-time home seekers, the EHG will be made more available to eligible buyers, regardless of whether they purchase a new or resale flat.

The flat buyers are allowed to choose any choice of flat type and their prefer location.

An EHG of the amount up to S$80,000 can be granted to eligible first-timer families.

The purchase flat has to cover them and their spouses to the ages of 95.

This change ensures that all Singaporeans will be able to live comfortably in a home that can last them for life.

For all these housing grants, the flat that you are planning to buy must have sufficient remaining lease of 20 years or more.

Increase of Income ceiling

To provide more citizen households with access to affordable housing options, the monthly household income ceiling has increased ;

  1. The monthly household income ceiling for eligible first-time families has increased from S$12,000 to S$14,000.

  2. For a single eligible first-time buyer, the income ceiling increase from S$6,000 to S$7,000.

The above changes allow you with access to affordable housing options to:

a) Buy a flat from HDB; b) Using the Housing grant to buy a resale flat

c) HDB housing loan is available for the purchase of the HDB flat, new or resale.

To enjoy the EHG, the following conditions have to be fulfilled.

Eligible first-timer families buyer

  • Before the application of your flat, the 12 months average household gross income must not exceed S$9,000 monthly

  • All applicants must be first-timers

  • minimum worked for 12 months continuously

  • At the time you submitted the flat application, you are still working

  • The flat must have enough lease to cover the youngest applicants to the age of 95 to enjoy the full EHG. Otherwise, pro-rated EHG will be granted accordingly the remaining lease.

  • All flats applicants cannot own private residential property, house, building or land locally or overseas.

  • They can only submit the application after 30 months of the disposal of their private residential property, house, building.