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What are the options when your HDB flat reach MOP?


what can you do after your hdb flat reach MOP

HDB flats are public housing launched by the Singapore Government to solve the housing needs of all Singapore Citizens.

As such, there is a minimum occupation period (MOP) imposed.

What is MOP?

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), is a time frame the owners of the HDB flats have to stay in the unit from the day they took over the unit from the Housing Development Board (HDB), whether resale or built to order (BTO) flats.

Five years MOP means you must physically stay in the unit during these 5 years, and not the owning of the Flat for five Years.

Case study

Mr and Mrs Tan got their keys to their BTO flat on 1st January 2015, in the year 2018, they are posted oversea to work for 3 years from 1 January 2018. For a valid reason, they have gotten approval from HDB to rent out their flat during these 3 years when they are overseas.

3 years later, in the year 2021, when they are back in Singapore, they decided to sell their HDB flat since they have owned the house for 6 years but were rejected. Why?

me for the answer.

Why is MOP important?

In Singapore, the primary role of an HDB flat is to provide housing to qualify Singapore Citizens (SC) and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR), not serve as an investment. The MOP seeks to prevent people from buying resale flats and reselling them for higher prices immediately.

A MOP prevents property investors from driving up the prices of public housing

The only exception to this rule is one-room resale flats that are purchased without any grants - these flats can be bought and resold without having to fulfil any MOP.

How long is the duration of the MOP?

The MOP duration differs depending on several factors: the date of your flat application, the flat type, and your mode of purchase.

The following purchase modes will see a MOP of five years:

· Your flat is purchased from HDB

· Your flat is a DBSS (Design, Build and Sell Scheme) purchased from a developer

· You purchased your flat under SERS with Portable SERS Rehousing Benefits

· Your flat was a resale, purchased from the open market with a CPF Housing Grant,

was a 2-room flat or bigger, and was applied for on or after 30 August 2010

Exceptions to the five-years MOP are as follows:

· Your flat was a resale, purchased from the open market with a CPF Housing Grant, and was applied for between 5 March to 29 August 2010 (3 years MOP)