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Property Owners 6 Tips to help you tide through this Crisis.

Today is 26th May 2021, It's a Singapore public holiday, Vesak Day (Buddha Day)

More than a year since the Circuit breakers take place in Singapore due to COVID-19, everything look good till recently there is a second outbreak of the virus around the world.

Singapore is now going into decon Orange (Back to stage 2 of the circuit breaker) from 16th May 2021.

Sadly, COVID-19 has taken many lives globally, and many people's livelihood is affected.

Nobody knows how long will this last, hopes that everyone is safe and healthy and the storm will finally end.

Recently, most of the media is reporting and updating news all over the world related to COVID-19.

The disputes between countries, and political issues within the nations, all are taken back.

The world now is united into one to beat the pandemic.

All operation ceases except those on essential services.

All schools close and students have to stay home for online lessons.

Strictly regulations have been imposed over the days from the start of the CB.

This, directly and indirectly, affected a lot of people's normal activities, cause jobs losses in many sectors and also had a huge impact on the livelihoods of our community.

Through this article, I would like to share some possible methods for house owners that will be helpful for you to cope with the storm ahead.

I will touch on the various tips below:

1. Equity loan

2. Refinancing and/or stretching your loan tenure

3. Mortgage deferment schemes

4. TDSR wavier for properties with <50% loans

5. Sell and downgrade

6. Rent temporary

Please read on for me to explain and elaborate on each possible solution.

6 Tips for property owners to tide through the crisis

First Tip : Using Equity Loan to gather cash for your emergency need.