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RES Course - How long does it Take?

RES Course Provider Comparison Review (By duration & intensity)

Hello, welcome to my blog.

The reason you are here is most probably you wanted to become a Real Estate Salesperson like me.

In this article, I will be sharing who are the course providers and comparisons among them, and also the duration of each course will take.

You might have been comparing "Which RES course is the best? How long to complete? Whether the express or normal course is better for me?"

There are so many RES course providers in the markets, which one the most suits you?

I will share with you my best knowledge on all these course providers that are stated later.

In this article, I will list down the different permutations of the RES courses available from the 5 major RES course providers, their durations, and who they are more suitable for whether you are working at a full-time job, parents of young kids or prefer to intensively study and complete the course soonest.

These days, courses span between 2 weeks to 19 weeks depending on the course structure you choose.

Fortunately, CEA-approved course providers have many variations that make it easier to find one that works around your schedule.

Before we begin, it is important to note that:

  • CEA requires a minimum attendance of 75% for qualification for the RES exams.

  • A RES Certificate of Attendance will then be issued for your exam registration purpose.

  • You must fulfill the RES Course admission criteria IF you are taking the exams.

  • If you are taking the course for learning purposes and don't intend to sit for the exams, you will not need to fulfill the admission criteria BUT will also not get the Certificate of Attendance and cannot sit for the RES exam.

  • All RES Course costs listed below do not include RES Exam fees.

  • NTUC members can use UTAP subsidies to defray up to $250 of their RES Exams costs.

RES Courses Comparison Review (By duration & intensity)

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Benchmark Pro

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