Welcome to this Career page

I believe the reason you are here is either you are changing your runway and exploring into a career in real estate, or you have the intention to switch agencies.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Peter Tan,  Associate District Director in Huttons Asia Pte Ltd, Navis Living Group. A Leader in Navis Living Group and also a group trainer.


I have been in the Real Estate Business since 1995. I joined Navis Living Group in 2020 at Orangetee, the whole Navis Division decided to migrate to Huttons this year in September 2021 to provide a better platform for all the members of Navis to grow.


Navis Living Group (NLG) is a division sharing the same mindsets, the leaders are there to provide training and guidance to all the members in the Division regardless of which team you belong to. 

Since joining NLG, I have benefitted from this division. I can say that after so many years in this trade, I finally found a division that all the leaders are willing to share and help every associate by providing training, guidance, mentoring even if they are not directly recruited by them. We are just like a big family, we want to make sure that everyone in this family will be successful.


For current Real Estate Salesperson, if you are exploring and looking to switch Agency,

You are always welcome to have a no-obligation discussion with me to know why I decided to join the Navis Living Group after 10 years in my previous agency, and why I follow Navis Living Group to migrate to Huttons without hesitation when NLG decided to migrate to a new Agency in September 2021.


NLG is my second home, A family in my Career, working with a group of the same mind people, working towards the same goal. Agency is no more the Key criteria I am looking at but is the comfortability of the group that comes together, play together and advance together.

For those who are exploring the Real Estate Business, I will like to meet up with you so I can help you how to kick off your new and exciting career.

In NLG, we have a series of training and activities to make sure you are always on track, nobody will be left behind.

You can always call me or WhatsApp me at 94896105. let us meet up and have a cup of coffee so I can listen and share more with you.

We also have a series of Career Seminar line up, do let me know if you are interested.

If you want to know more about me, you can visit my blog page, I have written an article on how I become a Real Estate Professional.

From Engineer to Real Estate, Property Investment Planner.